Summer Health

If you prefer natural health remedies, then you are probably no stranger to essential oils. They can be used for many different things, including minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Here are some of the best essential oils to use for these types of first aid treatments:


The first type of essential oil you should consider bringing with you to help treat burns and scrapes is calendula oil. This type of essential oil is ideal for the burns especially, as long as they are minor burns.

Many natural products also use the oil extract of calendula, but the pure essential oil can also be used. Just make sure if it is being applied to the burn directly, you mix it with a carrier oil first. Continue reading

When you spend more time outdoors in the summer, one of the main drawbacks is the insects. They can crawl on you, bite, and sting, so you might want to avoid them with actually harming them. This is where the following natural bug repellent remedies come in.

Ultimate DIY Bug Spray

The first type of natural bug repellent you can make is one that is something you put together on your own. The reason this is called the ultimate DIY spray is because you get to choose the recipe you want.

You can use essential oils for repelling different types of bugs during the summer, particularly when enjoying outdoor activities, and you can pick and choose which ones. Here is a list of essential oils that will work great: Continue reading