Summer Health

Mosquitoes are the terror of the outdoors in the summertime, with itchy and burning bites that last for days. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent being bitten or avoid them altogether.

Repel Them with Essential Oils

If you are going to be outside in the summer heat or during a humid day, mosquitoes are probably going to be flying around. You won’t always be able to avoid places where mosquitoes like to live, but you can at least keep them away from your skin.

One way to do this is by using scents they don’t like, in the form of essential oils. Dilute eucalyptus and lemon essential oils with a carrier oil, then apply it to your skin that will be exposed. This should keep them away long enough to enjoy the outdoors without coming back with mosquito bites. Continue reading

It is so much easier to try to be healthy during the summer than in the winter. Try some of the top summer nutrition tips for the whole family and see if you don’t lose weight and feel better. Of course, the trick is maintaining the loss when the cooler weather returns.

Use the summer months to bring the family back together. Sure, the family may be busy but there has been much research done about the benefits of eating together as a family.

One of the things researchers found indicates families who eat their meals together generally have a healthier diet than those who do not.

Make a meal plan and stick to it. Get your whole family involved in choosing which meals you’ll eat during the week. Include them in every step of the process – planning, shopping, preparing and serving – so everyone has a say in what the family eats. Continue reading