Summer for Pets

Summer months are full of fun, but they can also be very dangerous for our pets. Because of this, pet owners should make themselves aware of the dangers their pets face in their geographic location.

It is easy to forget that your pet may have trouble dealing with high temperatures, may have run-ins with dangerous wildlife, and insect bites can make them very sick.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind during summer months to prevent injury to your pet:


While you may hear it all the time, it is worth mentioning here, never leave your pet in a car in warm weather, even if our windows are down and the car is ventilated. Continue reading

It’s important to keep your cat healthy all year round, but summer brings some particular situations that need specific action on the part of the pet owner. Here are some tips to keep your cat healthy this summer.

1 – Indoors or Outdoors?

If you keep your cat indoors all the time in an air conditioned home, there probably won’t be much of a problem with heat stroke. Fleas and ticks may not be as problematic on indoor cats, but not necessarily. Many cats, though, are miserable if they are kept indoors all the time.

If you choose to let your cat outside, make sure he has access to a shady area and a bowl of cool water. (More on summer water availability below.) If possible, allow your cat to have access to the indoors (even if it’s just the garage) as well as the outdoors so she can come in out of the heat. Continue reading

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