Summer Health

It never ceases to happen. During the warmer months when bees are active, someone in the family inevitably gets stung. Learn about home remedies for bee stings so you know how to treat them.

Some people are highly allergic to bee and wasp stings. If they begin having problems breathing, their tongue swells, or they have a sudden rash, get them to the doctor immediately. They may be going into anaphylactic shock; some allergic reactions can be fatal.

In most cases, people with that severe an allergy will have an epinephrine pen with them. Using this pen immediately upon being stung could very well save their life.

Even if you and your family don’t have severe allergies to bee stings, you’ll want to know what to do should you be stung. Here are the three main actions you can take: Continue reading

Food allergies don’t have to leave your child in the cold when it comes to summer camp. You can help them stay safe and healthy with a few simple tips. For parents, there are a few questions to ask.

Summer is about having fun and taking a break from school. For parents, it can mean finding a way to entertain their kids. One alternative is summer camp.

Whether your child chooses a day camp or an overnight camp, if they suffer from food allergies you have a valid concern about the safety of the camp.

Here are a few questions to ask of the staff and administration of the camp before signing your child up to attend: Continue reading