Summer Beauty

Summer is the perfect time to pamper & nurture your skin with natural ingredients. Here’s some simple recipes using stuff right from your kitchen!

1 – Sugar Lemon Summer Lip Scrub

Dip a thin slice of lemon in sugar, then rub your lips with it. Wipe clean afterwards.

2 – Soothing Banana Foot Paste

Mash ripe bananas into a paste. (Ripe bananas are too acidic and will do more harm than good.) Rub all over feet including nail beds. Wait 20 minutes, rinse and repeat daily for two weeks.

3 – Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub

Brew 10 to 12 cups of fresh coffee and let the grounds cool completely. When cool, put them in an airtight container. Add in some brown sugar and pour in liquified coconut oil – both to your to desired consistency for exfoliation. After use, tightly seal lid and store at room temperature. Continue reading

It is no surprise that aloe is a miracle worker. There is gel inside leaves of aloe plants that heals just about everything. Many people use it for sunburns, but that is definitely not the only way to use it on your skin. Here are some other options.

Remove Your Makeup

It is important that you remove your makeup before you go to sleep each night, but it can be a hassle when you are using cleansers or makeup remover pads that are a little harsh on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it might be a better option to use some aloe vera instead.

The gel from aloe vera can help to remove makeup, but you can also get more natural products using aloe as a main ingredient. It is soothing and cool on your skin, so even if you have a burn, it isn’t painful to get rid of all the makeup. Continue reading

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