Summer Health

Summer is many people’s favorite season, but it brings with it some unique health concerns. What are these, and how can we prevent them?

1 – Heatstroke

Heatstroke can happen without much warning. To prevent it, keep yourself and your family well hydrated, and avoid vigorous activity during the hottest hours of the day.

2 – Dehydration

Dehydration is caused by insufficient water intake for the amount of activity a person is engaging in. Drink plenty of water, especially when exercising or in extreme heat.

3 – Sunburn

Too much sun can give a person a nasty burn, damage skin, and bring a lot of pain along with it. When enjoying the sun, stay in the shade when possible, and use some type of sun protection when you are exposed. Continue reading

First aid may be needed any time you are going to be outdoors, but you might not want to use harsh chemicals. Another option is to put together a first aid kit with the essentials, but relying heavily on natural remedies.

Include Your Own Healing Salves

The first thing that is good to put in a natural first aid kit is a collection of homemade salves. If you regularly make natural or holistic remedies for things like burns, scrapes, migraines, and other ailments, then you should consider making more than just one application.

Salves are easy to use while outdoors, whether hiking or camping, and can be placed in any small container. With salves, it also reduces the number of items you need to bring with you in the natural first aid kit. Continue reading

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