Summer Vacations

Summer vacation travel with the kids can be expensive enough without having to worry about unexpected expenses. Here are a few of the main ones to watch out for.

Baggage Check Fees

Most airlines charge for bags these days, so learn to pack light and make sure everyone has a carry on bag or backpack with all they will need.

Airport Fees

These can all add up and need to be budgeted for.

Transportation To-and-From the Airport

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Taking a vacation during the summer is nice, but it’s also a costly proposition. When that isn’t in your budget, have some fun at home with a “staycation”.

The idea is to play local tourist and do some fun activities in the area or city you live in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much fun it can be and how much your area has to offer.

Best of all, you get to come home and sleep in your own bed at the end of the day.

1 – Find the Water

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than dipping into a cool pool or lake, or going for a swim in the ocean. Take a look at what options you have in your area. Continue reading