If you prefer natural health remedies, then you are probably no stranger to essential oils. They can be used for many different things, including minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. Here are some of the best essential oils to use for these types of first aid treatments:


The first type of essential oil you should consider bringing with you to help treat burns and scrapes is calendula oil. This type of essential oil is ideal for the burns especially, as long as they are minor burns.

Many natural products also use the oil extract of calendula, but the pure essential oil can also be used. Just make sure if it is being applied to the burn directly, you mix it with a carrier oil first.

Calendula essential oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and can also provide some pain relief for the burn. It is a good idea to test it on an unburned area of the skin first to see how it reacts.

Lavender and Rosemary

Both lavender and rosemary are in the same category of essential oils based on how well they work and what they can help with. These can help with both burns and scrapes since both are antibacterial and can also speed up the healing process.

Lavender is also very soothing, so it helps with the pain as well. Like other essential oils, they won’t completely heal a moderate or severe burn or scrape, so once you are able to, you should still seek medical attention.

Clary Sage

When you are looking up different essential oils to add to a natural first aid kit, such as for scrapes or burns, you will notice that clary sage comes up quite a bit. This is because it not only relieves pain like other oils on this list, but it also provides excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

If the area where you were injured is swelling, causing more pain, a little clary sage on the area can help. This is also a type of natural antiseptic, just like calendula and lavender.


The last essential oil you should know about is eucalyptus, which is very good for being a natural antiseptic, relieving pain from the burn, reducing inflammation, and working as an antimicrobial as well.

Some other essential oils that also help with burns or scrapes include tea tree oil and frankincense. Always use a carrier oil if applying it directly to your skin.