Summer for Kids

Having a middle school-aged child you need to keep busy throughout the summer can be a real challenge. They are maturing and their idea of fun is changing compared to when they were younger.

One of the biggest battles is to get them away from their computers, TVs and cell phones and out into the fresh air and wider world.

1 – Summer Camp

Summer camp is often the best solution for working parents in the summer. Children will get to do all sorts of activities, including sports and arts and crafts. The Y has many affordable camps around the country.

Compare the facilities. Some have a pool and the children will be allowed to swim every day, compared with only once or twice a week in other places. Continue reading

For many parents, summer is a challenge because they need to keep their small children busy all day for the next 12 weeks or so without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions.

1 – Free or Cheap Summer Camp

Summer camp is often the best option for working parents. Most camps run by the Y, or perhaps a local school, are affordable. There will usually be a small additional fee per week for early drop-off and late pick-up, but it will be a lot cheaper than hiring a childminder.

The Y also offers scholarships. Parents need to apply early. Summer camp is usually a balance of physical activities, and arts and crafts. It’s a great chance for children to make new friends and learn new things. Continue reading

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