Summer months are full of fun, but they can also be very dangerous for our pets. Because of this, pet owners should make themselves aware of the dangers their pets face in their geographic location.

It is easy to forget that your pet may have trouble dealing with high temperatures, may have run-ins with dangerous wildlife, and insect bites can make them very sick.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind during summer months to prevent injury to your pet:


While you may hear it all the time, it is worth mentioning here, never leave your pet in a car in warm weather, even if our windows are down and the car is ventilated.

Unlike humans, your pet is unable to sweat. Even if your pet could sweat, it would do them no good in a vehicle.

Even when a car is parked in the shade, the internal temperature can reach higher than 120 degrees F. over just a few minutes. If the heat inside the car does not kill your pet, it can result in a heat stroke or serious brain injury in a short period of time.


Pets love to run around in the grass, but your lawn can be a major poison source for your pet. Many people treat their lawn with chemicals to get rid of weeds, insects, or to grow their grass. Even grass fertilizer can contain chemicals that are harmful to your pet.

If your pet east these chemicals, or grass that has come into contact with them, they could become extremely sick. Many pets develop fatal side effects by ingesting grass.

Wildlife Is Not Your Pet’s Friend

Dogs and cats love to go exploring around your home when they are outside. Unfortunately, so do other outside animals, which can pose a danger to your pets. Do you know which outside animals pose a hazard to your pet?

  • Skunks are pretty animals, but they also have the habit of smelling rancid. They can spray your dog with this horrible oil. Not only does this spray horrible, it can create health problems for animals, as well as the humans who have to wash the smell off of.
  • Raccoons are amazingly intelligent animals, but they can also be very dangerous. Not only can racoons carry rabies, they are also very strong and are capable of killing a dog or cat.
  • Coyotes are majestic animals, and many people do not even know they live near their homes. This is because they come out at night, so we do not see them very often. Coyotes are very well aware that cats and small dogs are easy prey. Because of this, you should never allow your pets to stay outside at night.
Bugs and Other Pests

Fleas and ticks may be a nuisance to humans, but they are a serious danger to pets. These pests carry diseases that can infect your pet, and it only takes one for them to become infected. It does not matter whether you prefer to use conventional methods or natural methods, being vigilant will keep your pet safe.

Being Cautious

When you have your pet outside during the summer, make sure to have plenty of water for them. Your pet should have easy access to shade, and if possible, a battery-operated fan. If possible, walk your pet in the early morning, and late evening so they do not have to spend a long time in the hot sun.