Summer for Pets

While shelter from cold weather is something often emphasized in the construction of rabbit hutches and so forth, how to handle hot weather is sometimes overlooked.

Look to rabbit behavior in the wild for clues – rabbit warrens are in the dark, cool underground and rabbits come out to feed in the early morning and at dusk.

In the wild, rabbits avoid being out in the bright, hot, afternoon sunshine. So domestic rabbits aren’t good at handling hot weather, either. Here are some tips for keeping your rabbit safe and healthy during the hot summer months:

1 – Shade

If your rabbit is outside, make sure it has access to shade. Direct sunlight can kill a rabbit quickly, sources warn. This is because excessive heat may cause your rabbit’s brain to swell. Continue reading

The heat of the summer is quickly approaching (or already on top of you, depending on where you live!). This leaves pet owners frantic to ensure their pets remain healthy all summer long, and horses are not an exception.

Horse owners know they require special treatment during summer months, just like a dog or a cat.

If you are not sure you are covering all of your basis, take these tips into consideration when you are planning your horse’s safety for this summer.

The Summer Hair Cut – What You Should Clip and What You Should Leave

It is very important for horse’s owners to think carefully about when to cut their pet’s hair. It is not recommended for you to cut your horse’s mane or tail before summer begins. Continue reading