Summer for Pets

They’re loving, loyal members of the family and most people choose to travel with their dog. Traveling with a canine can be a smooth, stress free experience if you know what to expect up front and can avoid any pitfalls.

Depending on the method of transportation that you’re using, the steps that you need to take will vary.

If you plan on heading out in a car or truck with your faithful friend, you need to be aware that dogs should not be allowed to have access to move around the vehicle.

The reason for this is because it’s too easy to take your eyes off the road and get involved in accident if your furry family member nudges your arm or suddenly leaps toward you. Continue reading

Summer months can be difficult for any pet owner.  During this time, dogs can suffer from a variety of seasonal problems that can affect their overall health and well-being.

To ensure that your dog remains healthy throughout the summer months, you must first understand the most common problems they face.  These tips will ensure that your canine friend remain healthy and happy through the hot summer months.

1 – Knowing When to Walk Your Dog

During summer months, dogs love to go for walks and run.  It may be difficult to read this letting your dog out to play whenever he gets excited.  Unfortunately, summer months are not dog friendly. Continue reading