You don’t have to leave your clean eating regimen behind when you leave for vacation. You want to celebrate getting away from it all and rejuvenate yourself – and experience new things and new foods.

But, you can do all that and still not sabotage your body by breaking totally away from the clean eating plan.

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight, you may be uneasy about eating in a strange environment. Food may also be especially tempting to you because it’s new and different.

Here are some ways you can resist sabotaging all your efforts and still enjoy the food on your vacation:

  • Don’t overeat – It’s important to watch your portions, eat slowly and resist the extra calories and fat that sometimes accompany eating out at restaurants or on the street. Try to eat several meals per day to keep the metabolism burning the fat.
  • Make wise choices – You can still enjoy the food of the area you’re visiting and make wise choices about calories and health. Ordering mustard rather than mayonnaise on a sandwich is just one way of making wise choices.
  • Drink lots of water – Water can be your best friend on a vacation, keeping you hydrated and keeping your system in sync. You may be out in the sun more than usual, so hydration is especially important. Keep bottled water handy at all times.
  • Walk – Sightseeing while walking is the best way to get the feel of the area and to keep in shape. You can offset many extra calories when you walk more than usual. Or, take a swim in that gorgeous pool at your hotel.
  • One treat per day – A buttery croissant in France or bratwurst in a roll in Germany can certainly be part of the treats you allow yourself. But, plan ahead and enjoy one a day rather than sticking to the high calories throughout the day.
  • Avoid the mini-bar – Rather than indulge in the many beverages, sweets and salty treats in the mini-bar, keep snacks on hand in the room that you choose. Fruit and veggies will last awhile and can ward off hunger pains.
  • Get your fruits and veggies every day – No matter where you’re visiting, it’s possible to find fruits and veggies and purchase them as side dishes with a meal. This will ensure that you get enough fiber and antioxidants and prevent you from becoming ill on the vacation.

The bottom line is that while you should and can enjoy the various foods and dishes on your vacation, you can avoid overloading yourself with too many calories, fat and sodium by planning ahead.

Don’t deprive yourself of the awesome dishes you can experience in other areas, but consider sampling them rather than eating an entire meal. Sampling lets you enjoy more foods without feeling guilty – or sick.