We are all aware that fruits and vegetables are good for us, especially if we are on weight loss programs. As we keep eating more sweets and junk food, it’s no surprise that our body fats grow.

Fruits and vegetables, aid in digestion and thus increase our metabolism which in return helps your body process calories faster so you can burn more fat.

Drinking water coupled with a healthy diet is the strategy for a healthier more attractive looking body.

A majority of doctors agree we should all have 8 glasses of water a day and fruit juices are great as well.

Fruit juices speed up weight loss and keep most diseases at bay all the while providing you with a delicious treat that can be refreshing during the summer months.

Since fruit juices are affordable and easy to consume, more and more people use fruits and vegetables to help with weight loss. Literally hundreds of thousands of fruit juice recipes for summer weight loss can be found all over, that anyone can make, so long as you have a blender and the necessary fruits and vegetables.

Remember, it never hurts to experiment and make your own recipe that you may enjoy. In fact, it’s recommended. If you make a custom recipe to suit your tastes and needs, your weight loss will be all the more attainable. However, avoid sugar and adding anything that is processed. Adding sugar and sweetening creams defeats the purpose.

If you’d like to try a recipe that is recommended for weight loss, it’s recommended you try this one. You can make a Apple/Watermelon smoothie by combining one whole sliced apple pieces in a blender with a few pieces of watermelon, add some crushed ice and for more flavor and zest, add a squeeze of lemon. Blend evenly and enjoy.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables. There’s not a whole lot of ingredients to add, just your fruit or veggie of choice with ice will serve the purpose well. You may also try the same recipe above, just replace the apples and watermelon with juicy red tomatoes and instead of a squirt of lemon, use honey for your summer weight loss needs.

This is just one of the many recipes available to you. Cookbooks and articles exist online that appeal to your summer weight loss with fruit or vegetable juices. If you can’t afford these books you can probably borrow them at your local library.

Perhaps you can even get a notebook and write down your favorite recipes so you can share them with the rest of the family or remember them. If you don’t want fruit or vegetable drinks then water will aid in your summer weight loss as well.