The demand for Disneyland packages hugely increases in the summer and any other holidays, which unfortunately means that a lot of families will be forced to pay more than what they normally would for this family vacation. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to seek out the best deals.

1 – Start with Disneyland Itself

Although you may be tempted to look to third party websites to find the cheapest Disneyland packages, it’s well worth starting with the official Disneyland website. Doing so means you’ll have a firm grasp of what they charge for different types of packages.

When you do, you can get on the phone and talk to a representative, letting them know your requirements. They’ll often be able to come up with tailored deals. Make a note of the prices so you have something to compare to when you look elsewhere.

2 – Compare with Other Websites

Now that you know the best price you can get directly from Disneyland, it’s time to start browsing as many travel and vacation websites as possible to compare any deals they may have on offer. Places like Expedia can make things simpler for you.

Be sure to check the specifics of each deal – some may include more extras, such as car rental, than others. You may not need them all, but it’s important to know what you’re getting for the money.

3 – Speak to Travel Agents In Person

Although you are likely to find the best prices for Disneyland packages online nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to visit a travel agent in your local area and speak to them in person. They can often come up with ways to cut costs.

4 – Add Up the Separate Costs

The next step in comparing prices is to add up the costs of buying everything separately, rather than as part of a package deal. If you only want a few components, such as just a hotel and dining, then you may find it’s cheaper to create your own package in this way.

5 – Check Auction Websites

You never know what people will have for sale on online auction websites. It’s well worth checking for any coupons or travel deals that you can buy cheaply. However, be sure to check into the seller before you spend any money: you want to make sure the offer is legitimate.

6 – Consider Going At a Different Time

Going at a different time of year will be a last resort for many, but it’s one of the easiest ways to dramatically lower the costs of Disneyland packages. You can often find discounts offered for the quieter times of year, and visiting the park is a lot more pleasant when it isn’t overrun with other families!