If you find that you are uncomfortable during the summer because your face is hot and sweaty, why not give it a little mist?

You can easily make your own face mist using various natural ingredients combined in a fine mist spray bottle.

Here are some DIY options for you to make a refreshing face mist at home:

Aloe and Essential Oils Face Mist

When you are using a face mist in the summer, it is often to soothe hot and red skin if you have been in the hot sun for too long.

When you are laying out, it is so soothing to use a face mist with a little aloe in it to soothe your skin. But, of course, this should never replace sunscreen.

For the aloe and oils face mist, you want to use aloe vera gel with distilled water, witch hazel, and essential oils. Use soothing oils like tea tree oil and lavender, or go with something that helps burning skin, like peppermint or frankincense.

Rose Water Face Mist

This rose face mist is perfect to use at any time, whether with burning summer skin, or just when you want a little soothing mist on your face. For the rose face mist, use rose water instead of regular distilled water. You can make your own rose water or get pure rose water you find elsewhere.

To turn it into a face mist, add in some coconut water and essential oils like geranium or rose. Remember to use a spray bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

Lavender and Mint Face Mist

This is a really great combination for a face mist you use in the summer. The mint is cooling and fresh, while the lavender can soothe your skin. Whether you have a light sunburn, rosacea that is flaring up, or hot skin from laying out on the beach all day, you will love this face mist.

You want to use distilled water with some lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and some slices of cucumber. Add the ingredients to the fine mist spray bottle.

Using the above recipes as a guide, try out your own combinations of water, oil, and herbs to create your customized face mist.