Summer Vacations

Affordable vacations may seem more difficult to come by when you’re traveling as a family during the peak summer months. But here are eight tips to follow that show you it can be done.

1 – Start Planning Early

If you really want to get the best deals then you’ll need to start looking for them early. Not only will this help you take advantage of early-bird discounts, but it’ll help to give you the time you need to work out all the details that can lead to lower costs.

2 – Sign Up for Airline Deal Alerts

Another benefit of starting early is that you’ll have time to sign up to airline and travel deal alerts. These can really help when it comes to planning affordable vacations. Be on the alert for any emails noting an upcoming sale or discount for booking at a specific time. Short discounts are often only available for a few days so you should be ready to book when they come up. Continue reading

The demand for Disneyland packages hugely increases in the summer and any other holidays, which unfortunately means that a lot of families will be forced to pay more than what they normally would for this family vacation. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to seek out the best deals.

1 – Start with Disneyland Itself

Although you may be tempted to look to third party websites to find the cheapest Disneyland packages, it’s well worth starting with the official Disneyland website. Doing so means you’ll have a firm grasp of what they charge for different types of packages.

When you do, you can get on the phone and talk to a representative, letting them know your requirements. They’ll often be able to come up with tailored deals. Make a note of the prices so you have something to compare to when you look elsewhere. Continue reading