Summer for Kids

When it comes to keeping your kids occupied during their summer break from school, there are plenty of fun summer activities for them to do outdoors that’ll keep them active and happy!

1 – Fruit Picking

There are a number of “pick your own” farms dotted around the country. To save on labor costs, these farms work on the basis that you’ll pick your own fruit when you buy it. This is often a great way to get cheap fruit, and very healthy for your kids!

This can make for an excellent day out in the summer, and you can help use it as an educational tool by teaching them about the kinds of fruits they’ll be picking beforehand. You can even get them involved in cooking a meal with the fruit afterward! Continue reading

Have you ever heard your teen say that he or she is bored? During the summer you may hear more of the same. Devise craft ideas to help stop the boredom and even create a new hobby for your teens.

You may feel that summer crafts are only for little kids, but teens can benefit from activities that engage their hands as well as their minds.

During the summer, all that information they learned at school the previous year seems to leak out little by little until they are starting again when the new educational year rolls around.

Summer crafts can help put that brain to work. Here are some ideas that you can use. Maybe your kids will think of a few of their own. Continue reading