When it comes to keeping your kids occupied during their summer break from school, there are plenty of fun summer activities for them to do outdoors that’ll keep them active and happy!

1 – Fruit Picking

There are a number of “pick your own” farms dotted around the country. To save on labor costs, these farms work on the basis that you’ll pick your own fruit when you buy it. This is often a great way to get cheap fruit, and very healthy for your kids!

This can make for an excellent day out in the summer, and you can help use it as an educational tool by teaching them about the kinds of fruits they’ll be picking beforehand. You can even get them involved in cooking a meal with the fruit afterward!

2 – Taking Care of the Environment

There are many opportunities to teach your kids about the importance of looking after the environment around them, and these also make for fun summer activities! You could help them to grow their own herb gardens, or teach them about growing vegetables. There may even be local neighborhood schemes that your kids can get involved in to help clean up streets or improve community areas.

3 – Explore Your Local Area By Walking

Next on the list of fun summer activities is to go for a walk as a family. Walks are fun for kids as they get to experience the fresh air and run around in a new environment. The chances are there are some great walks in your local area, so do a little research into where to go and try a few different walks throughout the summer. This is a great way to keep you all active and healthy!

4 – Cycling

Getting your child a bike is a good way of keeping them active and helping them to learn about the responsibility of taking care of it. It’ll also free up some time for you if your children can easily cycle to their friends’ houses when they need to!

5 – Wildlife Watching

The summer is a great chance to learn more about wildlife. Have your children look at all the different species of wildlife in your garden, perhaps helping with local wildlife surveys to help encourage them.

Many organizations will ask you to count certain species, such as birds, every day for a set period of time to help them know how many of that species are left in the area. You can even encourage wildlife to come into the garden by creating bird feeders and so on.

Fun summer activities don’t always have to be educational, but it’s a definite bonus if they are! Even better if you can keep them physically active before they go back to school.