Summer Beauty

Bentonite clay is quickly becoming more popular in the natural beauty world. It has a lot of excellent benefits, from containing nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium, to being able to remove toxins from the body and provide a clearer complexion.

Here are three different masks you can make yourself using bentonite clay:

1 – Lemon Clay Mask

You will notice lemon is used a lot in natural beauty products, because it is so good for your skin! It helps to clean out pores, is refreshing, and smells great. It is also a favorite during the summertime.

This clay mask is going to use your bentonite clay with some lemon essential oils, and a little bit of raw honey. You can also add some unrefined, virgin coconut oil to this mask. Continue reading

In the summer, the hot sun and salty ocean or lake water can be a little hard on your hair. A good remedy is to use a hair mask, aiming for about once a week or so.

This will cleanse your hair follicles and moisturize your hair, so that it is left silky and smooth no matter how much swimming or sunning you do. Here are some super simple hair masks you can try out.

Use Coconut Oil Alone

The first hair mask is something you might have already heard of before. This is when you use just coconut oil as its own hair mask. Yes – you can definitely add coconut oil to your hair on its own!

Coconut oil is all-natural, healthy, and moisturizing. It helps with shine, reduces tangles, and gives you soft, silky hair you love to run your fingers through. When using coconut oil as a mask, always use unrefined, virgin coconut oil. Continue reading