If you are planning on planting flowers and plants in your backyard this summer, it is the perfect time to also choose some medicinal plants. These plants are not only beautiful and a wonderful addition to any garden, but they provide healing powers as well.

Aloe Vera

It comes as no surprise that aloe vera is not only on this list, but that it is the first one discussed. Any time you hear about plants or herbs that are natural and can help provide pain relief or be put in a natural first aid kit, aloe often comes up. This is a powerful, magical plant that has a long list of health remedies.

The gel inside the leaves of the aloe vera plant can help burns to heal, reduce pain and inflammation, help with heart health, and even improve digestion. You should definitely plant aloe in your yard to have it for the summertime.


This might be an herb that you aren’t as familiar with, but it also provides a lot of medicinal properties. The nettle plant is relatively easy to grow and can be available throughout the summer to provide different health benefits. Nettle is typically used as a way to reduce pain and inflammation, but it can be used for other issues as well. Many people take nettle to treat hay fever, use it for bleeding, treat eczema, or reduce joint and arthritic pain.


The last plant we want to discuss if you are getting ready to add some healing plants to your garden is the Echinacea plant. It is not uncommon for people to purchase this plant, herb, or supplement at the local health food store, but you can also grow it on your own right in your backyard.

Echinacea not only treats illnesses, but it can help you prevent illness by taking it on a regular basis. Echinacea is naturally an anti-bacterial herb, as well as providing antiviral properties. Some people consume Echinacea by adding the herb to food or with tea, but you can also create topical salves and lotions to heal through the skin.

Even without a green thumb, you can follow simple instructions to add these and other healing plants to your yard. This allows you to have them at your disposal as needed so you are not running to the store every time you need a new herb.