Cheap vacations for kids in the summer aren’t always easy to come by. But if you’re desperate to get away and don’t have much money to spend, here are five different types of vacation that are guaranteed to save you money.

1 – Camping

Camping is great fun for kids, and one of the cheapest vacation options available! It can become a real adventure as you spend a lot of time in the outdoors and make do on the most basic facilities. And, it’s a great opportunity for a lot of family time spent playing games together!

2 – A Vacation In Your Home Town

Otherwise known as the “staycation”, this idea has been popular throughout the recession. All it means is that, instead of going to a different country or part of the country, you should stay in your hometown as if you were a tourist.

On first thought it may sound boring, but the chances are you’ll see your town through new eyes when you take the time to see the sights, take time off work, and spend time doing things as if you really were on vacation.

3 – Beach Vacations

Beach vacations for kids are often some of the most memorable, but also the most expensive. Well known tourist beach facilities will rack up the prices during the summer when kids aren’t in school. To compensate for this you’e going to need to plan ahead of time.

Perhaps you can drive to a beach not too far away to save money, or stay in self catered accommodation? If possible, you can also try to seek out lesser known beaches away from the tourist centers.

4 – Off Peak Vacations

No matter what kinds of vacations for kids you’re interested in, they’re almost always going to cost less when you take them at off peak times of the year. Unfortunately this isn’t always easy when you’re traveling with kids, as you’re limited by their school calendar.

Take advantage of any long weekends that may crop up throughout the year and take a weekend getaway instead if you really need to save money.

5 – Family Camps

Family camps make great vacations for kids and adults alike! They incorporate a number of different activities without the need for you to plan them all in advance.

They’re like traditional kids’ summer camps, but designed for all age groups so families can have fun together. They are often very reasonably priced, especially considering the fact that there will be plenty for you to do.

These cheap vacations for kids are still just as fun as any other kind of vacation! The key is planning in advance, and using the internet to your advantage to compare the best bargains.