Summer is not fun until everyone is splashing around in water.

Therefore, if you are planning a family day or a play date for your kid, you may want to include some water games into the agenda.

Here is a list of a few fun summer water-games that both adults and kids are sure to enjoy:

1 – Water Limbo

Water limbo is a variation of the traditional game of limbo that involves contestants attempting to go under a horizontal bar (usually suspended on top of 2 vertical bars) with their backs facing the ground.

Instead of a horizontal bar, water limbo uses a stream of water from a hose. Kids then line up on one side and go under the stream of water with the aim of making it to the other side without getting wet.

Any wet player is eliminated from the game and the remaining contestants line up again for another round of going under the stream of water. To make the game interesting, the stream of water is set at a high point during the first round after which it goes lower and lower with each passing round. The last dry player wins the game.

2 – Water Tug-of-War

This old time favorite can provide kids with hours of fun on a nice summer afternoon. The concept of play remains the same but the game can be played with different tools.

A player dubbed ‘it’ runs after other players trying to turn them into the new thrower by tagging them with water. A tag can be made with a cold squirt of water from a water gun, a splash from a water balloon, or a wet smack from a sponge dipped in water.

3 – Water Balloon Spoon Race

Similar to the game of egg race, a game of water-balloon spoon race involves contestants racing while holding a spoon that has a small filled water balloon on top of it. The first player to make it to the finish line with the water balloon still in place wins.

The race can be made more fun and challenging by setting up a number of sprinklers at different places between the start and finish line. Kids should then try to race to the finish line without dropping their water balloon or getting wet as an adult turns the sprinklers on and off at random.

4 – Beach Ball Balance Race

During an extremely hot summer day, the beach ball balance race game can help keep everyone cool while having fun. All that is required is a few beach balls and a large pool.

As other people cheer on from the sidelines, a few players stationed at one end of the pool try to balance their bodies on top of a beach ball by hugging the ball. On the count of three or the blow of a whistle, the players are to race to the other end of the pool and back while maintaining the starting position.

The first player to make it back to the starting point without unlocking their arms or losing balance takes the win.

So, there you go; fun activities that will allow you to make a splash during hot summer days. The goal is to simply have fun while getting wet. Therefore, you can make up your own games and rules using whatever toys you have on hand.