Father’s Day is filled with many cliché ideas about how to honor your Dad. Whether it be to let him relax on the couch and give him complete control over the remote (which let us face it does not always happen) or by going to the park and grilling there are many creative ways to honor your Dad while avoiding the trap of ‘Okay, now what?’

Father’s Day is meant to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of what your Dad has accomplished both inside and outside the home. Try to think of something that he would like or read below of some ideas on what you may do.

Most Dads want to spend time with their children on Father’s Day. Plan something special for Father’s Day this year. Think of a favorite activity he likes to do. Does he like to hike? Does he like to go fishing? Plan time for you to take him out and join him on one of his favorite activities.

Maybe there is an outdoor concert at the local park that he would like to go see. Whatever it is, plan it around him. Make sure it is something that he would like to do. He will appreciate the thought and effort.

If your Dad has had some major successes in life, honor him by putting together a party in his honor. If he was a teacher, make a slideshow with pictures and accomplishments from his career. If he was a doctor, have some of his colleagues toast about how he has made an impact.

He may not realize just how much good he has done and how much you and others appreciate him for it. If he is shy, maybe make it a small dinner so you don’t make him uncomfortable. It is important to remember what he likes on his day.

Plan a mini-vacation for that weekend. Get away with the family for the weekend. Leave the cell phones and other electronics behind and just go.

Spend the weekend doing activities together as a family. If there is a tourist town close by, go there and spend the time together as a family with few distractions. This will allow you to honor Dad by showing him how much of an influence he is on the family and how much your family means to you.

Take him around and plan things that he will enjoy. Focus on your family – there is a disconnect between family members nowadays with technology interfering with the dynamics and it is important to allow yourself time to repair the dynamic and the holiday is the perfect day to start.

Whatever you choose to do make sure it comes from the heart. No matter what if it comes from the heart he will appreciate it and love it. Father’s Day originated to celebrate Fathers and their accomplishments with the family unit.

It has many meanings around the world but the heart of the message and celebration is the same. It is important to remember your Dad and show him how much you care and how much your family means to you.