You’re vacationing at the beach – and it’s friggin’ raining! Whacha’ gonna do? Well, you can still workout right in your hotel room if your hotel doesn’t have a gym. Go ahead and use the room itself for your workouts. Here are a few different ways to do that:

Do Commercial Break Workouts

The first thing you can do is just do exercises when you are watching TV, but when the commercials are on. This is perfect if you are there to relax, but still want to find time to exercise as well. There are quite a few things you are able to do just during the commercial breaks with very little effort. For example, you can use one commercial break to do planks on the ground in front of the bed, then you can try wall sits or squats during the next commercial break. Lunges are also good to do during the short commercial breaks.

Use the Bed for Crunches

The bed in the hotel room can be used to do crunches or sit-ups. This will let you work out your abdominal muscles, which can be done in just a few minutes a day. You can do some crunches when you wake up in the morning and before your shower, after dinner in the evening before relaxing, or while watching television. Using the bottom of the bed allows you to do full sit-ups as well without having someone hold your feet.

Try Circuit Training

All you need for full-body circuit training workouts is a small room, such as your hotel room. Just about anywhere is enough space to do circuit training. There are a variety of different workouts you can use for circuit training. Turning on the TV and letting a television show play or listening to your playlist on your cell phone can provide a good way to time the workouts. Here are some different workouts that are good for hotel room circuit training:

  • Push-ups
  • Luggage rows
  • Squats and lunges
  • Inverted rows with the desk
  • Jumping jacks
  • Running in place
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees

Another option you have for hotel room workouts is to open up your laptop and access free workouts on YouTube. You might also be able to find workouts on the television.