If you’re someone who has decided that they plan to be committed to a workout schedule no matter what kind of weather is going on then you’ve probably been trying to do some research on what kinds of things are a good idea, and which things are a bad idea.

During the winter time, it’s easy to put on more clothes to get comfortable, but what about the hotter summer months? This article will be covering a few tips on how to get your fitness on in the summer heat.

Get the Forecast Ahead of Time

Take a look at your local forecast. The last thing you want to do is plan a summer hike, only to find out you are walking up a mountain in 100-degree heat. If you see that it’s going to be unreasonably hot, then you might want to think twice about doing certain parts of your workout.

It’s good to stay aware of any possible pollution or air quality warnings. If you know that the weather will be cooperative with your efforts, you can plan accordingly.

Pick a Good Time of Day

The first thing you should be thinking about is what time you’ll be exercising. As a general rule, it’s not really ideal to do your routine until it has cooled down. That means that you will either have to go early from 7-9am or you will have to go later in the day such as 4pm.

If you are planning on making a workout routine a habit then it’s usually recommended to take care of your routine during the early morning hours. That way you have the entire rest of your day for work and other life tasks.

Give Your Skin Room to Breathe

One way to stay cool is to wear looser clothes so that your skin can have grater ventilation. Wearing a lighter color like white will help your body to stay cool by reflecting the light away from you. There are also specially designed clothes today that can offer greater ventilation and moisture wicking properties.

Drink a Lot of Water

This one should go without saying, but a lot of people live their lives while dehydrated without being aware of it. Hydration helps your cells to continue to function. Try to take a drink every 1- – 15 minutes during workouts to be sure that you’re replenishing the water that you’re losing in the form of sweat.

Be Aware of Your Needs

The most important thing on this list is that you remain aware of the signals that your body is sending you. Your body has a lot of ways of sending you signs to let you know there is a problem, so you don’t want to ignore those messages.