Summer Activities

One of the beautiful things about summer break is that you can get in the car and head out for a road trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting family out of state, going on a long day trip, driving to your vacation destination, or simply heading out and seeing where the road takes you.

Make Time for a Road Trip this Summer

Spontaneous road trips are great, but that doesn’t always work out. If you’re not the type of family that just gets in the car and goes off somewhere, make it a point to make time for a road trip this summer.

You’ll be glad you did when you have those memories to look back on. And once you get on the road, you’ll realize just how much fun this can be. Who knows, you may become a road trip enthusiast yet. Continue reading

Some of our favorite active activities during the summer months include hiking and biking. They are a lot of fun, get you out in the fresh air and nature, and they are easily adaptable to almost any age and fitness level.

Hiking and biking are both great ways to get the entire family out there, doing something together. I encourage you to give it a try. Start slow and small and see how things are going.

As your fitness levels improve and everyone gets more comfortable hiking and biking, you can start to tackle longer or more difficult trips.

Safety First! It’s an important motto to live by as you go out exploring. Make sure your equipment is in good shape. Dress appropriately and wear shoes with good grip and ankle support for your hikes. Continue reading